18 October 2012 – Auditorium Centro Culturale “Altinate San Gaetano”

Registration (8:00 – 9:30)

Opening (9:30 – 10:00) SIDT President

Session 1 (10:00 – 11:00) Transportation Planning (discussant: B. Montella)
Traffic basins of Calabria region: methodology and application
Pavone G., Chilà G., FILELLA A., Meduri G., Trecozzi M.R.
LUTI and DEA for simulation and evaluation in urban transport planning
Musolino G., RINDONE C.
Strategies to implement a transportation-efficient regional development
Cappelli A., Libardo A., NOCERA S.
Public engagement for planning and design transportation systems: tools and experiences
Cascetta E., PAGLIARA F.
Towards lean transportation infrastructures: defining value and identifying MUDA
Cascetta E., DA GIAU A., Furlan A., Macchion L., Vinelli A., ZANOTTO M., Binotto F., Fioratti M.

Session 2 (11:00 – 12:00) Public Transport (discussant: G. Malavasi)
Key factors affecting rail service quality. A decision tree approach
DE OÑA R., Eboli L., Mazzulla G.
The local public transport in Italy: state, prospects and international comparisons
Cascetta E., PAPOLA A.
Application aspects of the tram-train system. The case of Brescia
Maternini G., RICCARDI S., Cadei M.
Classification of urban settlements and public transport improvement
Carrese S., SALES A.
Change to survive: public transport and new technologies for Europe global competition
CAPPELLI A., Libardo A., Nocera S.

Session 3 (12:00 – 12:50) Travel Behaviour (discussant: G.E. Cantarella)
On the attributes and influencing factors of end-users quality perceptions in urban transport: an
exploratory analysis
BARABINO B., Corona G., Deiana E.
User empowerment and advanced public transport solutions
An experimental analysis of the propensity for voluntary travel behavior changes
Meloni I., SANJUST B., Sottile E.
The value of aesthetics in railway stations: a quantitative analysis of perceived quality for
Cascetta E., CARTENÌ A.

Buffet (12:50 – 13:45)

Session 4 (13:45 – 14:35) Network Design (discussant: F. Russo)
Models and algorithms for solving the combined assignment-control problem
GALLO M., D’Acierno L.
Stability of traffic lights as dynamic switching systems and sensitivity of the performances
Di Febbraro A., SACCO N.
Experimental analysis of the performance of an urban road system: an innovative approach
using data envelopment analysis
FANCELLO G., Uccheddu B., Fadda P.
Stochastic equilibrium assignment with variable demand: two variables solution algorithm
performance and effects of choice models
CANTARELLA G.E., De Luca S., Di Gangi M., Di Pace R.

Session 5 (14:35 – 15:35) Sustainable Mobility (discussant: D.C. Festa)
A dynamic simulation based model for optimal fleet repositioning in bike-sharing systems
CAGGIANI L., Ottomanelli M., Sassanelli D.
“ELEbici@roma3″: an innovative project for sustainable mobility
Carrese S., CIAFFI F.
Strategies to achive an “ecological airport urbanism”: the Venice airport case
An innovative car-sharing system for sustainable mobility in urban area
Gattuso D., Pietrafesa M., Pudano A., RESTUCCIA A.
Driving behaviour, slope and vehicle load factor impacts on bus fuel consumption: real case
application in the city of Rome
Carrese S., LA SPADA S.

Coffee break (15:45 – 16:00)

Session 6 (15:50 – 16:50) Logistics I (discussant: S. Gori)
City logistics planning and urban freight transport modelling: recent trends
ITS technologies for logistics. A state of the art
Gattuso D., PELLICANÒ D.S.
Trip chain behaviour of commercial vehicles in urban areas: the Parma case study
TOZZI M., Corazza M.V., Musso A.
Statistics for simulation of logistic platform
Gattuso D., CASSONE G.C.
A DSS for the assessment of city logistics measures
Nuzzolo A., Crisalli U., COMI A., Rosati L.

Session 7 (16:50 – 17:25) Logistics II (discussant: A. Cappelli)
A model for reserved lanes design for freight vehicles
Polimeni A., VITETTA A.
Mode choice models for the assessment of italian freight transport policies
Nuzzolo A., CRISALLI U., Comi A., Rosati L., Panico F.
Indicators for city logistics

Session 8 (17:25 – 18:00) Travel Demand I (discussant: A. Di Febbraro)
Evaluation of travel demand impacts in the case of rail system failures
D’ACIERNO L., Gallo M., Montella B., Placido A.
Road transport elasticity: how fuel price changes can affect individual traffic demand
Musso A., PICCIONI C., Tozzi M., Godard G., Lapeyre A., Papandreou K.
An analysis of a suburban rail demand in the city of Naples
Biggiero L., CORAPI G.

Assemblea dei Soci della SIDT

Gala dinner at “Caffè Pedrocchi” – 08.45 p.m.

19 October 2012 – Aula Magna “Galileo Galilei”, Palazzo del Bo’

Poster session (13:30 – 14:30)  “Road Intersections Analysis
Warning sound to affect perceived speed in approaching roundabout: experiments with a
driving simulator
Rossi R., GASTALDI M., Biondi F., Mulatti C.
The analysis of roundabouts through visibility
Optimal setting of traffic signals through the artificial bee colony algorithm
Dell’Orco M., Başkan Ö., MARINELLI M.

Session 9 (14:15 – 15:15) Accessibility (discussant: M. Lupi)
Bus rapid transit vs regular bus system: comparing the impact on urban accessibility by public
Caprì S., Ignaccolo M., INTURRI G., Rubulotta E.
A tool for an evaluation of reachability of an airport area
CONCA A., Papa F., Rubino S., Vignolo M.G.
Activity location and mobility costs
Nuzzolo A., Coppola P., PAPA E.
New measures of accessibility based on perceived opportunities
Cascetta E., Cartenì A., MONTANINO M.
Assessing a general method to enhance airport passenger accessibility and resources optimization
Gualandi N., MANTECCHINI L., Paganelli F., Tagliazucchi C.

Session 10 (15.15 – 15.50) System Vulnerability (discussant: A. Nuzzolo)
Ranking links in a road transport network: an application of Spearman’s correlation coefficient
ANGELINI S., Danesi A., Rossi G., RUPI F.
Travel time forecasting for vehicle routing: the case of urban evacuation
MUSOLINO G., Polimeni A., Vitetta A.
Demand simulation and planning for evacuation conditions
RUSSO F., Rindone C., Chilà G.

Coffee break (15:50 – 16:05)

Session 11 (16.05 – 16:30) System Efficiency (discussant: V. Torrieri)
Energy efficient speed profiles for suburban train operation: a simulation model
Effects of full automation on technical-economic efficiency in metro systems
A model for transit design with choice of vehicle type and energy charging system
FUSCO G., Alessandrini A., Cipriani E., Colombaroni C., Messina G., Valentini M.P.

Session 13 (16:30 – 16:55) Transportation System Monitoring (discussant: R. Camus)
Annual average daily traffic estimation from seasonal traffic counts
Gastaldi M., Rossi R., GECCHELE G., Della Lucia L.
A new classification of Italian ports based on the value added concept
Lupi M., FARINA A.

Session 14 (16:55 – 17:20) Travel Demand II (discussant: A. Nuzzolo)
Experimental analysis of day-to-day route choice dynamics in a three-link network without
information provision
MENEGUZZER C., Olivieri A.
Influence of information on users’ behaviour: a day-to-day model for route choice updating
DE MAIO M.L., Vitetta A., Watling D.
The value of en-route information on the accessibility to concurrent transit system services
GORI S., Nigro M.L., Mannini L.

Closure (17.20) SIDT President

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